Not Owned

People make crazy statements. Well, you have to take care of your job. I understand what they mean. It’s scarcity. They believe there aren’t enough office cubicles to go around for everyone. But this body, this person is far more precious. I can find another desk to roll my chair under, but who cares if I can’t mentally function anymore.

The same rules apply to relationships. You must take care of yourself. Don’t tell me how much that person needs you until you’re taking care of your needs.

You cannot hold me.

I am not concrete. I move. I change. You cannot use me as a prop to make your life easier. I am not property.

The breeze blows. Whispers in your ear. The air flows and you breathe, then it is gone. Did you expect more? It returned to the wind.

We are this moment. Play, work, struggle, holding our forms. But soon the body will be dust and ash stirred by the winds while in elation what remains flies on to further adventure.

J West

How’s your sleep? Did someone hug you recently and let you know you are worth loving? We must, must remember. Our worth, our innate value is not a luxury. Tell yourself. It sounds stupid, I know, but it works. Show the world you have value by standing tall, brushing your teeth, and getting a good night’s sleep.

There are too many who will nudge you off the sidewalk of life if you let them. Don’t. And by all that’s holy, stop apologizing for being in their way. You belong.

How to be Strong


Check out anyone’s Facebook page, even mine, and you’ll see their values. A quick glance at their Instagram and you know what’s important in their life. Beauty? Fitness? Maybe it’s their family.

It seems this life has us spinning like we are whirling around in a tornado and we are flying out of control. This is a year that we need to know who we are. So for the rest of this year, I’m going to go beyond holding on for dear life. I’ve decided it’s time to build a better foundation.


What’s important to you? You don’t need a deathbed experience or a rare disease. The answer will be clear. It can be a person you love so much it hurts or an experience you’ve wanted to try. Maybe it’s something that gives you hope. This is the first step. For me, it’s my family.  After them, it would be travel opportunities.

Now, step further. Name your values. Do some research. If it helps you find your purpose, study other people’s values. Where’s your core truth (I never lie) or (I’m a geek) come from?

Always Learning

This is more than a days project. And it’s something you can do over and over. One thing I want to do and you can consider also, once you realize a new value, post it. Here is one of mine – > #finishwhatyoustart  Add a picture with it. Make it yours. Follow me in if you want. Find me on Instagram

Here’s an older article with a list of VALUES. What do you think?

#Respect #Industriousness #Wisdom #Responsibility #Accountability #Beauty #Nature

Are you ready to build a better tomorrow? Let’s start today.


What Color Are Your Towels?

Quite a few years ago I watched an episode of Oprah that didn’t sit well with me. Like food poisoning it made me feel ill and I just wanted to expel it. Normally she doesn’t bother me. Normally I agree with her style. But this one episode was about towels. Towels that match, to be precise. Actually the episode was probably a lot deeper psychologically than the blues or greens of your towels, but it’s been a few years ago.

Of all the things I can do to help the world be a better place for my children or other’s children, matching my towels is very low on the list. I can think of feeding the seniors in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that Dogma Debate recently promoted until the end of 2013 Dogma Debate-donate. There’s supporting the gift of water to those who have no access to clean drinking water that Matt Damon’s organization sponsors,  The ASPCA  programs to help abandoned and abused animals. Kiva organizes low-interest loans to those wanting to better their economic circumstances. There are hundreds of projects and programs to help those around me.

Also, throwing away perfectly good towels just because they are red, blue, brown or pink when I really want a blue bathroom today, seems wasteful. Replacing the towels and wash cloths will cost me, and why? To help my self-esteem? No, it really won’t. So when I get up in the morning and take my shower, if my towel is the red and blue striped one with faded spots on it, I really don’t care. I got to share in the project and feed a low-income senior citizen for a month instead. That brings value to my life, but most importantly is there’s absolutely no reason that our elderly should go without a meal, EVER! And you know those people in India or Latin America? They can cook their food in safe water.

Alright, I’ll get off my preacher box now. It’s not that getting new towels is so horrible. It’s only that people with influence over the minds of others could encourage us to so much more. It bothered me then and it seems it still bothers me. Please, I welcome your comments. For or against? Let me know.

Hamster on a Wheel

A hamster goes around and around on his squeaky wheel. If he could count, he’d do maybe 50 laps or 100 laps. And at that point possibly feel he is accomplishing something. It’s not that going around and around in an exercise wheel is pointless. He’s letting off energy that needs released, like a too full balloon. After all, he doesn’t have to run to escape any cats or owls. His life is safe.

Sometimes I count my laps on my own proverbial wheel. It makes me feel better. I’m accomplishing something. I cleared my emails. I’ve paid my bills, answered questions, and commented on funny posts. I’ve completed my tasks. Sometimes, though, I think I’ve missed the point. Life isn’t about achievements. It’s not about how many coins you collect or how many grains of sand you’ve sorted. As I dig into my sand pile I can count, one brown grain of sand, one off-white grain of sand, one lighter brown grain of sand, etc. It’s funny if you stop to think about it. We applaud some of the craziest behaviors. If someone has a need to climb mountains, to touch the tops of as many peaks as they can, that’s great. But that’s their quest, not mine. And just because I can count something doesn’t change its value.

What if life was meaningless? What if it doesn’t matter what you put meaning into, like counting your shell collection or keeping your priceless classic cars waxed? If you strip all of your accomplishments away, at the end of the day, we are all the same. It’s only what we value that matters.

We might discover at the end of our lives, the only thing that is valuable is our level of joy. The 600 thread count sheets are not your measurement of worthiness. Did you smile and feel the pleasure of sleeping on them? That’s what’s valuable.