Pebbles in My Shoe

Some people seem like pebbles in my shoe. I’m walking along and all is fine. Dang it all, but there is something in my shoe. I pull off the shoe and brush out the offending pebble. With the shoe back on, I start walking, until another pebble gets in my shoe. Some days it seems as though life is a series of offensive pebbles.

There are telemarketers and pushy sales clerks wanting your money. Late fees and long lines. Broken shopping carts and flat tires. If you could make them all disappear. And what about the coworker who talks too loudly or the boss who misunderstands your jokes?

These are fly in my ointment, the devil in the details, and the speck on my black pants.

Have you ever noticed that the more you list the problems and label them as a nuisance, the more they tend to multiply like rabbits in the free-range? The snow that piles three feet high keeps you from driving to work or a sudden rain shower that spoils the ballgame, and we can’t control these.

From childhood, we dream of our life with all the good times planned out in our heads, but the path that we walk is our reality. The dream in our head is only a projected course. It’s all possibilities and potential realities.

“Man makes plans, and God laughs.”Yiddish proverb

There are people and events in your life that seem like obstacles. Somewhere between the time we’ve visualized where we wanted to go and when we made it, our path ends. How do we handle the pebbles? Get over them and keep walking? Or build a pebble wall of I can’t?

Instead of seeing obstacles as a pebble in your shoe, try seeing them as sand in the oyster. These inconveniences are your life. The people who annoy you the most are not your enemy. They don’t have to be anything to you. Release the emotional grip you have on those in your life. There is no need to demand they act the way you wish. The anger keeps you bound to your so-called enemy. It will only drain you of the energy you need to be productive.

Look at that annoyance. Can you feel the energy it takes? Let it go, and when you think it again, look at it and let it go back.

Things that happen to us are simply the thing that happened. The pebble didn’t ask to be in your shoe. It didn’t place itself there to jump as you walked along the road. Life is as it is.



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