Are You Lucky?

I’ve been entranced by the illusionist, Derren Brown for several weeks now. Here’s a synopsis of one of my favorite episodes.

In “The Secret Of Luck”, Derren sent British TV’s Dawn Porter to start a rumor in a Yorkshire village of Todmorden, by pretending to be filming a documentary about luck.  At first she only asked the question, “Have you seen the lucky dog?” Also she asked throughout the community if anyone had any experiences with the  local statue of a dog and does it bring good luck to those who rub it.

It’s a great tale, but you know the truth. We make our own luck, right? But what if you are like the one man in town who believes he has no luck. The following writer tells it well.

People make their own luck, usually because they’re a personality type that takes more chances and grabs every opportunities. To illustrate this in an amusing way, Derren set about presenting dour butcher Wayne with various chances to be “lucky” (posting a winning scratchcard through his letterbox, giving him the chance to earn £20 for participating in market research on the street, laying a £50 note on the ground for him to find and pick up, and finally by driving past him with a billboard asking him to call a number to claim a prize). Hilariously, only the billboard managed to grab the blinkered Wayne’s attention… eventually!

I’ll post the video. It’s lengthy, but worth the watch.

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