It’s Already Been Done

Been there. Done that. It’s said on on t-shirts and slogans in media, as if that’s the end of the deal. You’ve done it, you’ve said it, so why should I bother even trying. Often it’s stated as if my doing it is now obsolete.

I know blogging has been done already and I know that many have done it better, but I need to know what it feels like when I do it.  I’m curious to see what it looks like as I would do it. And as many times as you may hike that trail, I can’t experience it through you. Only I can experience it for me. Because the point isn’t whether a thing has already been done or not, the point is my development. Have I experienced and collected as much data as I need? What does the air smell like at the top of that hill? The only way I’ll know is if I go there and breathe it.

No more of this argument, But it’s already been done a hundred times. What’s the use of me, just another common Joe or Jolene doing it.


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