Find Your Soul, Find Your Fun

Otherwise known as LIGHTEN UP!

So, you’re feeling grumpy.  A little out of sorts?  Maybe the house is a mess and the kids aren’t doing what you think they should.  Sometimes we are so mired in our tasks that we forget to look at the whole picture.  The details.

 “Our life is frittered away by details,” – William David Thoreau

Before your life fritters away, don’t forget fun.  Like medicine, fun can revive us and keep life in perspective.

Here are 15 options.  Join me as we dance to the song of freedom.

  1. Turn on some music and dance.  Either alone or with your family.  Just don’t complicate it too much.  Dancing is the key.
  2. Get out the crayons, colored pencils and paper.  Remember the smell of new crayons? What color makes you smile? Does one of them bring back a special memory? Mine is cornflower blue.
  3. Plant a flower.  Go to the flower shop and pick out one plant that draws your attention.  Take it home and plant it.
  4. Play ball.  Find an old ball, whether it’s a football, soccer ball, or whatever.  Just get outside and PLAY.  I can hear my mother now.
  5. Get out the photos.  Find the pictures and browse through them.  Take your time.  Find the one you like the most.  Put it on your desk at work or your refrigerator. Change pictures every month or so.
  6. Make a mess with shaving cream.  The preschoolers that I once taught loved this one. Take a can of shaving cream squirt it on a clean counter top or table.  Now draw pictures in the glob.  Pile it high, then smash it down. Go ahead and make a mess, it cleans up with a wet dishcloth. It’s just soap.
  7. Go to the zoo or park and feed the ducks.
  8. Get an ice cream cone.  Enough said.
  9. Have a foot race.  This one obviously requires someone else to be with you.  Run your hardest for a change.
  10. Remember hula hoops? Get one. Practice at it for a few days, then surprise someone with your new skill.
  11. Go for a drive.  Find an interesting or unusual neighborhood and cruise through it.
  12. Blow some bubbles. Make your own with dish washing soap (Dawn, Palmolive, etc.) or buy a bottle at the store.
  13. Sing in the shower. It doesn’t even have to be a full song. Make up a song. Hum your own tune. Just let the music flow.
  14. Take 20 bucks and spend it on whatever thrills you. Don’t have $20 then do $5.  It’s the attitude behind the spending not the amount.
  15. Let it rain. On you. Stand in it. Feel the water run down your face. Look up in the sky. Jump in a puddle. Then when you dry off, remember what it was like to have no worries.

As adults we forget what it feels like to run as fast as we can. We forget the patience involved in watching a cloud float by, or a leaf drop to the ground. Keep it simple and you’ll have a good time.  It’s about doing something for yourself. It’s not about doing what others would approve of or what you think you need improving on. We do so much for others in our lives that we often put ourselves last on life’s to-do list, then never get to the last item on the list. There are no rules. Just be yourself. And remember your soul.


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