Your Reward in Heaven

I have another thing to say regarding what motivates us instead of money. There’s a book that I read this week that mentions that very topic. Drive-The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.  Sometimes it’s not the paycheck. What leads us to spend hours playing video games? For blogging and designing websites that are only for sharing with friends and family? Why do we put bumper stickers on our cars that say “My child is an honor student at…?” Does it gain us extra money? Did we earn it ourselves? Does it make us better people? See Counting Coup for more about money.

There really is another side to humanity that is almost anti-money. The antithesis of being rewarded in any external way. If we were paid to do some of things that we do, they would no longer be rewarding to us. It’s a strange thing. One piece of advice I read recently suggested to not find work doing what you enjoy. Keep your pleasure hobby as that, pleasure, or you will no longer have it as fun.

5 Reasons to Ignore the Advice to Do What You Love

4 Myths about Doing What You Love for Work

Is this what Jesus meant when he said you will lose your reward in heaven, heaven being the spirit nonphysical side of life? If you do something for the accolades, then it does lose some of the internal pleasure. Matthew 6:1

Here are some thoughts and examples I have:

  • Is our society turning to intrinsic rewards (fun, pleasure, internal pride, emotions) instead of external rewards (money, status, certificates, diplomas)?
  • This is mentioned in the book, Drive. The state of Vermont created a new type of corporation. It’s the L3C Low Profit Limited Liability Corporation and is meant to benefit community and still be considered a business. It’s a new way of looking at making money.
  • Fourth Sector-For Benefit companies are companies that believe in benefiting the whole community, not just the board of directors. “The boundaries between the public, private, and social sectors are blurring. A Fourth Sector is emerging.”
  • Open source software has been around for a few years. And because of the internet, people everywhere are giving time and energy to create software, games, communities, and galleries. Wikipedia is the easiest example. Anyone can contribute or edit it’s information. The information you give can be added to or corrected also.  It’s a group effort.
  • The most amazing example I think of right now is the Arab uprising of 2011. The volume of communication through Twitter and Facebook was amazing.  Speaking of the uprisings, Sage Journal says, Indeed some have been so bold as to label them as the ‘Twitter Revolutions’ or ‘Facebook Revolutions.’ 

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~Buddha

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