Counting Coup

They say that times are changing. The old order is passing and a new accepted point of view is entering. For those who might not understand, just remember it was only 100 or so years ago when the only way of recording your history or communicating with a friend meant paper and pen. Fifty or so years ago required people who weren’t white to eat at a different restaurant than the whites. Those whose skin was not pale, those such as natives, were thought to have no souls.

When paradigms shift, it seems so obvious that the new way is the correct way. How did we ever think that it was okay to own another human? How did we not know that little creatures called bacteria cause illnesses? Many once thought plagues were caused by sinful behavior. Well in some instances it was. The sinful behavior of those that ordered the delivery of tainted clothing did start an epidemic of smallpox. Those that became sick and died were not the sinful ones though. It was the invading people who were sinful.

What will happen if we no longer have money as our standard? If we were all free people with equal standing in life, if we were all able to live as we wished without worry of starvation or being homeless. I’m not trying to be Marxist or really referring to any particular form of communal living. My thinking is idealist in that area and I realize this, but my point is not about how we can do this, but what would we be like as people. We like to measure, to count, to stack and amass our store of wealth. It’s how we rank. If not by money then how will we know we are the best or a total failure?

What achievement will show off your success? If our choice of houses or cars or clothing didn’t signify our status or reassure us of our success, could we be content? Will the next generations look at us as greedy and vain? Possibly.

Bob Lefsetz – Observations


Not only are the odds of winning the lottery long, in order to have a million dollars to spend each year, you’ve got to win seventy five.

This article in the “New York Times” breaks it down:

Win a Lottery Jackpot? Not Much Chance of That

What you want is freedom. And if you can’t gain it by winning the lottery, maybe money isn’t the answer.

In the NYTIMES Win a Lottery Jackpot August 09, 2013, referring to the Powerball jackpot of 40 million,

The odds of winning, however, remain infinitesimal: Powerball players, for instance, have a 1 in 175 million chance of winning. You have roughly the same chance of getting hit by lightning on your birthday…That is why the lottery is called a tax on people who don’t understand math.

I think it’s possible for some to live without status in this life. I see a few of these people around. It’s something I’ve envied in others, the ability to focus only on their own inner life and the good they are doing in the world around them. That’s very Buddhist sounding or even Jesus-like. It’s how I want to live my life.

Namaste 🙂


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